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Welcome to Cat Chat!

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am the author of Cat Chat. This is my first post to this blog, so I thought I’d introduce myself and my new “baby”.

The idea for this blog occurred to me a few weeks ago as I was thinking about a new project for 2009 (I try to do this every year). Musing to myself, I thought about doing something creative, something where I could utilize my research and writing skills as I haven’t done since college. Also, I wanted to do something fun and that could segue into a new career. I can’t say that I had a “Eureka!” moment, but the idea of doing a blog began to take hold in my mind. As I started to explore and expand the idea, I liked it more and more. The notion of making this site about cats came about quite naturally—I’m crazy about them (a neighbor once said that I am “part cat”) and I couldn’t think of another topic I would enjoy yakking about more.

Hence, Cat Chat was born. I am counting on the notion that there are others out there like me, people who love cats, live with cats, and have a wealth of information and experience about them that they would love to share with others. That is what made the idea of a blog so attractive to me: an interactive community in cyberspace creating a really vibrant back-and-forth dialogue about the pets they love. If you have questions about your pet—health, behavioral or whatever—send them along and I will do my best to help you find the right answers. I will fully expect readers to lend their expertise, as well. Even if all you want to do is share how you feel about the loss of an old friend or describe how crazy your new kitten is acting right now—let Cat Chat in on it! That is my goal: a busy two-way street of questions and answers, comments and retorts or just plain sharing.

That being said, don’t feel left out if your pet menagerie doesn’t consist entirely of cats. There are many animal lovers who like a balanced (or unbalanced!) mix of dogs and cats or even birds, goats, chickens—I’d like to hear from you, too! My background isn’t only with cats, I just happen to love them best. How about pet-related issues: does your significant other dislike cats (or dogs)? Maybe yours in particular?? How have others handled this problem? How do you get that vomit/urine/poop stain out of the carpet? Hair off the upholstery? I’ll bet there are literally millions of people out there in the blogospere who have the same questions and some of the answers. That’s the kind of energy I’m looking to harness here at Cat Chat.

Just So You Know: I’ll be using pictures of my three cats pretty regularly on this blog, so I guess this is a good time to introduce them, as well. That’s them, up top there, on the “Cat Chair”. There’s Goldilocks (aka Goldie), Little Girl (aka Miss Thing) and Black Bear (aka Mr. Big). They are litter-mates that I found 12 years ago outside the laboratory at which I worked on the UMASS campus. They were still nursing when I first found them, born to a feral mother. There’s a large feral cat population on campus, as a fair number of students apparently have no qualms about keeping pets in their dorm room all year (not allowed, of course) and then simply chucking them outside when they take off for summer vacation. There’s a subject for another post! Anyway, they’re pretty sprightly still, and we enjoy the heck out of them.
Chat later!
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4 Comments On "Welcome to Cat Chat!"

Anonymous Says:
May 5, 2009 at 9:44 AM

Hey Amanda! This looks great! Good luck. Pam

Anonymous Says:
May 21, 2009 at 10:47 AM

hi Amanda,
Do you have any knowledge/experience of how to cut an nervous cat's nails?

Anonymous Says:
May 21, 2009 at 10:52 AM

I have to tell you the site looks so professional. I will be a regular. Any recommendations or discussion about what wet food is the best? I know you do make your own and it has made a difference of the health of your cats.


Anonymous Says:
May 23, 2009 at 11:07 AM

Way to go, Amanda.
Pat's Mom

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