Tuesday, May 5, 2009 5:40 PM

The Myth of the Finicky Eater, Part 1

Think about a wild cat, having to hunt for every meal she eats. Do you suppose that, after all the effort of stalking and catching the prey, that any cat would just let it go because she didn’t feel like eating mouse (or bird) that day? I don’t think so, either. Feral cats eat what they kill, that is nature’s way. Being “finicky” about food is a concept that came about with domestication and the feeding of commercial cat food. I would even go so far as to say that the commercial food industry created this concept in order to sell pet food!

I have heard many cat owners say, “My cat won’t eat anything but dry food.” Now, really, knowing how that stuff in the cans smells, can you blame them? The premium brands are better, by far, than the supermarket brands. They certainly don’t smell as bad. But—have you looked at the ingredients? Some of them do have meat as the first ingredient. Those are the best of the lot. Keep reading, though—yikes! What is that stuff? It’s filler and the glop they can’t even sell to the canned soup makers. Yum. But the dry food! It doesn’t smell that bad, even to us. It comes in cute little shapes, and is crunchy just like human junk food. No wonder we (and our cats) love it.

Now, nothing about the prey cats normally eat in the wild is crunchy like this stuff. Cats don’t even have the kind of tooth structure to eat food like this. Then why do they? Because the pet food manufacturers have loaded it with tasty fat and carbohydrates. It’s cat junk food. They get addicted to it and, eventually, they don’t want to eat anything else. Did you ever see the movie Supersize Me? The same thing happened to the filmmaker when he began eating McDonald’s food morning, noon and night. He became addicted. He gained weight, got lazy and actually started craving the stuff. Many people are under the impression that it’s the canned food that causes obesity, but that is untrue. The dry food, created by industry to please cat owners with its convenience, attractive shapes and low price, is what is causing cats to become fat and lazy.

Why would they want cats to become obese couch potatoes? Tune in tomorrow…

What The...I just read an article about a new way to deliver medical care: "Personalized Healthcare" groups whereby doctors charge each of their patients an annual fee of up to $1500 just so they will continue to see them! MDVIP, one of these corporations, argues that patients will receive 24-hr. a day access to their physician because each doctor's caseload is limited to 600 clients. However, if patients don't pay up, they must find another doctor! Sounds like extortion to me. Not only do these guys make an extra $900K a year under this plan, but they still get to charge Medicare and all other health insurance providers just as they did before. I can't believe people are actually paying these "membership" fees! I plan to complain to my Reps. and Senators, and I hope you do as well. This is definitely MESSED UP.
Chat later!

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