Friday, May 8, 2009 3:00 PM

Indoor v. Outdoor Cats: Which is Better?

I won't make you guess--my vote goes to...indoor cats! The reasons are many, one being that it is much easier for you, the cat person, to live with an indoor cat. How so? Glad you asked.

First of all, indoor cats are much safer. This translates into a lot less worry for you! They won't get hurt in cat fights, attacked by dogs and "disappeared" by wild animals. They won't be exposed to disease, the elements and they won't get lost. You won't need to worry about fleas and other parasites. And they will be much cleaner. They can lay on your lap, sleep with you and you can smooch them as much as you want without getting a face full of dirt! You can also get away with fewer vaccinations, something that many pet owners are very concerned about. You also don't have to contend with trying to get them in at dusk (night is the absolute most dangerous time for them to be out and about) and the constant opening and closing of the door to let kitty in and out ALL DAY LONG.

You may be thinking, "All this sounds reasonable, but very selfish." Well, it is--a bit. But after all, why do we have cats in our lives? Because we love them and love to hang out with them. Sure, we want to give them a good life, but we have them because we want them around us. I suppose that is selfish, but if in return we provide the best possible environment for them, then, so be it! There's nothing wrong with giving our companion animals the best we can offer, and they give so much in return! The added bonus is that indoor cats tend to be healthier than their outdoor counterparts and, since they have fewer "accidents", they also live longer.

Now that we've got that settled, how do cats feel about this? Can they really be happy living indoors? There's a subject for the next post...stay tuned!

Just So You Know: Remember, no animal "needs" the experience of motherhood. Spaying and neutering your pets at the appropriate time helps them live longer, healthier lives and lets you do your part to stem the population explosion. Happy Mothers' Day!
Chat later!

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