Wednesday, December 16, 2009 11:52 AM

Ten Things We Love About Cats, Part 2

Moving right along, here's the second half of my list.

6. Cats point out "yucky" things that you may not notice right away. Cats are nasty-neat animals, and they will let you know in short order when you are getting slack with the housekeeping. The Bear gets busy with the "burying" routine whenever he encounters some imperceptible bit of goo that he feels should not be there. I've learned to just get a moist cloth and wipe the spot he's concerned about, whether or not I can actually see anything amiss. Then there's "the face". This occurs after some particularly energetic sniffing, usually of a rug or upholstered piece of furniture, during which the cat's nose is practically buried in the subject's fibers. Then, they raise their head and--there it is! The partially opened mouth that lets you know there's something there that they like the smell of, but you probably won't. So, just go get the wash cloth!

7. Cats keep us warm in winter. Just ask J. about this! When he's ready to settle in on a cold winter's night, he gets in the lounger, picks up the remote and calls for Goldie. Usually, it is only a matter of minutes until man and cat are acting as mutual space heaters, with the added bonus of Goldie's resounding purr helping J. relax after a hard day of work!

8. They are like little "early warning systems". Have you ever found yourself asking your cat, "What's the matter?" only to then hear a knock on the door? Cats know long before we do that someone is walking up the driveway, something is burning or a thunderstorm is coming. How many times have you been quietly reading a book, noticed the cat/s acting alert and done a security check, just in case? Sometimes it is nothing more than a Christmas card fell off the mantle, but they knew it before you did.

9. Cats listen to our problems without being judgmental. When you've had a hard day, it's great to be able to unload it onto your significant other at the end of the day. But they often want to comment, critique, offer advice, etc. Sometimes you just want to talk, without having the other party butt in. If you've got a cat, you've got a friend! They'll listen, let you pet them, and even comfort you if you're upset. What more could you ask for?

10. Cats make a good life even better. Enough said!

I don't know about you, but I've already thought of another ten things...oh well, this could be an ongoing feature!
Chat later!

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