Tuesday, December 15, 2009 12:05 PM

Ten Things We Love About Cats, Part 1

As any cat lover knows, cats are not only fun but extremely helpful to have around. For instance, you'd probably still be stuck with that sofa you bought when you first got married if not for Buster and his claws, right? Just kidding. Each of us could easily come up with ten great things about cats without thinking too hard about it. Here's my list:

1. Cats make us laugh. Playing, frolicking cats are a riot to watch. It seems as if one minute they are fast asleep and the next they are chasing each other, jumping straight up in the air, running full-tilt into furniture, or suddenly going nuts over a toy they've just dug out from under the fridge. Have you ever witnessed a "cat explosion"(it only happens in multi-cat households)? Something spooks one cat, and they all take off running in different directions before you can say, "Wha....?" This is usually accompanied by the panicked sound of claws looking for purchase on bare floors. Now that's funny.

2. They keep us company. Anyone who's lived with cats know that they are lots of company. They'll talk to you, follow you around to see what you're up to, ask for attention and treats and often jump right in to help you with some project like decorating the tree or wrapping gifts (I use the word "help" loosely here). If you've got cats around, you'll surely never get lonely!

3. Cats keep mice at bay. Sure, a stray mouse may get inside the house now and then, but your cat will take care of the situation in short order. So, even though there may be the occasional intruder, you will never have to call the exterminator to get rid of mice, since they are loathe to set up housekeeping where they know cats hang out.

4. They pre-rinse your dishes for you. If your cats are like ours, they always want to check out what you are eating. Therefore, I usually put our dinner plates on the kitchen floor to let them clean them up before I put them in the dishwasher. There is almost always something tasty for them to lick up. Roasting pan have stuck-on turkey bits? Let the pre-wash cat-cycle take care of it for you. Those sandpaper-y tongues do an amazing job!

5. Cats are natural bug-zappers. Hate spiders? Cats love them! They can spot a microscopic specimen at 500 paces. They rush over and gulp those babies down before you know what's happened. If you're like me and try to rescue them before the cats find them, you will find yourself developing a springier step as you try to outmaneuver the little bug-hunters and save Mr. Spider from becoming a cat treat. Cats are good at finding other creepy-crawlies besides arachnids, though spiders seem to be their favorite snack. Even if they don't want to eat them, though, they are good at pointing out things like centipedes, ladybugs and carpenter ants, so that you can take appropriate action.

Well, looks like I'll call this "Part 1" and continue on tomorrow. It's so easy to think up great things about cats, isn't it?
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