Wednesday, November 18, 2009 10:30 AM

Two Cats are More Fun than One

Now that you've decided to share your life with cats, all you need to do is come up with a number. Do you want only one cat, or two? How about three? Before you go to the animal shelter, you should give this matter some consideration. While it's great to be flexible and just "wing it", be assured that you will love every cat you see when you go shopping, and you can't take them all!

For many years, I had only one cat at a time. Of course, I was living in apartments where no pets were allowed, so technically, that was one cat too many. When J. and I got married, I brought my illegal cat Sweet Pea to our new home. Shortly thereafter, Min, a stray living at the shop were J. worked, came to live with us, too. I can say that I have never gone back to having only one cat, once I discovered the joys of the multi-cat household. Even though they have occasional disagreements (just like people), I believe cats are happier living with other cats. For us, of course, watching them interact is a real riot at times, too!

So, my advice is: Take home at least two cats. They will keep each other company when you are not around, and watching them play is really entertaining. Plus, if you live with a partner, you can each say you have your own cat! Additionally, you will know that you have given an extra one or two deserving animals a home that they may not have gotten otherwise.

Before you go to the shelter, make your decision about how many cats you plan to bring home. Get the appropriate number of litter boxes, and set them up before you leave so that you can give them their first lesson in box etiquette as soon as you all get home. Have a good supply of food, and fill the water bowl. After a few days together, it will be like you've been pals all your lives! Enjoy!

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