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Should You Get a Male or Female Cat?

The choice of whether to get a male or female pet cat is a personal one. If you are considering getting a cat and are unsure which gender would suit you best, then here is my advice: Get one of each!

Seriously, I always advocate getting more than one cat, and keeping them indoors. If you truly love cats, you probably have already decided to get at least one of each gender. If you are still unsure, let me tell you that there are differences in personality between males and females. Is one better than the other? I don't think so; they each have their own special characteristics which make them the lovable creatures they are. I can tell you from experience that when you put these traits together by getting both genders in one household, it really does double the enjoyment for you!

Some people prefer male cats because they think they are cheaper to neuter than females and are more independent and able to take care of themselves. The costs of spaying and neutering are a bit different, but not enough to base a longtime relationship upon! Also, I would argue that females are perhaps more independent than males, since the responsibility of kitten-rearing falls on them almost exclusively. I believe this also makes females more cautious than males, and more adept at averting danger. If, say, a strange dog comes into your house, both the female and male cats will run and hide. I'll bet anything, though, that you'll find the hiding place of the males more quickly than that of the females!

Sometimes people think that by getting only female cats, they will avoid the whole male-domination thing that happens in a "mixed" household. You'll avoid only the "male" part, though, since a hierarchy will still develop (as it must), only one of the females will be the Top Cat. Also, even though females can be laid-back, males have that down to a science. They are also more lovey-dovey with their owners. Females, in my experience, are just as loving as males. However, they often need to be "in the mood" (sound familiar, guys?) for affection, while males are always ready for a cuddle. You'll miss out on that if you opt for an all-female household.

So, as in most things, you'll never know how good something can be until you try it. So, get ye to the olde shelter and pick up a male and female pair of cats (litter mates would be even more fun). You'll never look back, believe me!

Happy Thanksgiving and don't forget to share the turkey with the cats!
Chat later!


November 26, 2009 at 12:44 AM


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