Monday, February 22, 2010 9:16 AM

CatChat Comment: Green Pet Supplies For An Eco-Friendly Home

Feeding your pet homemade pet food,either raw or cooked, is really the most ecologically sound way to feed them. It's also much better for their health, although it is quite a bit of work. I have been feeding my three cats a homemade diet for several years now, and they act like cats half their age (they are 13). I have written about this subject extensively on
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I left this comment a couple of days ago on the Huffington Post in regards to the article title referenced above. I noticed a little box to check that said something about sending the comment to your blog...and voila! Pretty neat, eh? Not exactly a backlink, now, but still a plug for Cat Chat--and a cute dog photo, to boot! I learn something new everyday doing this blogging thing!
Chat later!

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